ECC provides a wide array of environmental services to a variety of clients ranging from the Federal Government to the average homeowner. Services provided by ECC include Environmental Site Assessment, Site Characterization, Voluntary Remediation Programs, Storage Tank Management, Remediation, Industrial Hygiene, and Demolition Services.
Environmental Site Assessment
ECC has performed over 3,000 environmental site assessments, including Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, and Environmental Screening Inspections.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments consist of an unintrusive environmental investigation which identifies recent and/or historical environmental issues on or in the vicinity of a site. This assessment is performed by accessing local, State, and Federal government records and the performance of a site inspection. Phase I Environmental Site Assessments are typically performed to meet due-diligence requirements of a lender prior to refinancing or transfer of a property, or if a property is to be used as collateral. Phase I Environmental Site Assessments produced by ECC meet and exceed the specifications of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM, Standard Practice for Environmental Site Assessments: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Process).

Environmental Screening Inspections are performed as a less expensive alternative to Phase I Environmental Site Assessments. These assessments include a site inspection, but do not include historical or government records research.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments are performed to assess the quality of the subsurface environments. This is achieved through sampling and laboratory analysis of air, soil, groundwater, and/or surface water. Phase II Environmental Site Assessments are typically performed based on suspected or identified environmental concerns.

Site Characterization
ECC has performed hundreds of site characterization projects under the direction of State and Federal regulatory agencies. Site characterization activities are performed to quantify and spatially identify contamination on a site. This contamination may have been the result of a leaking underground storage tank (LUST), a spill of regulated materials, or from sloppy environmental housekeeping practices.
Voluntary Remediation Program
ECC has facilitated the characterization, cleanup, and subsequent redevelopment of many sites under Brownfields programs established in Virginia, Maryland, and the District of Columbia. These programs, known as Voluntary Remediation Program or Voluntary Cleanup Program, act as a catalyst for voluntary environmental cleanup of contaminated properties through tax incentives and documentation providing limitation of liability.
Storage Tank Management
ECC provides services and oversight for the removal of underground storage tanks (USTs) and above-ground storage tanks (ASTs). Services provided include removal and proper disposal of USTs and ASTs and their contents, collection and laboratory analysis of soil samples from the UST excavations, and reporting to the proper State and local agencies. Additionally, ECC provides tank inspections, installations, registrations, and Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) plans.

If contamination is discovered during tank removal activities, ECC can provide the appropriate services for characterizing and cleaning up the contamination. ECC works closely with State environmental agencies to provide the appropriate environmental action. Characterization and cleanup of contamination from underground storage tanks in Virginia is considered reimbursable through the Virginia Underground Storage Tank Fund. This fund covers all costs, minus a deductible.

ECC provides a variety of services which facilitate the remediation (cleanup) of properties. Remediation services include removal and proper disposal of contaminated soils, removal and treatment of groundwater contamination, mitigation of air contamination within structures, and emergency cleanup of spills. ECC has accomplished numerous successful remediation projects under the supervision of State and Federal environmental agencies.
Industrial Hygiene
Industrial Hygiene services offered by ECC include inspection, management, and mitigation of issues concerning asbestos, lead-based paint, mold, radon, and other possible contaminants that may affect indoor air quality and/or present a threat to human health. We provide lead-based paint and asbestos inspections for building renovation/demolition projects. Additionally, we monitor air quality during excavation in areas of naturally-occurring asbestos.
Demolition Services
ECC provides clients with all services necessary for razing structures in preparation for development. These services include utility disconnections, asbestos inspections, well and septic abandonments, petroleum tank removals, sediment control, permitting, and building demolition and oversight. ECC has facilitated the demolition of many sites including large clusters of residences that were demolished as part of site re-development.